As a seventeen-year veteran of the beauty industry, and with a reputation for gifted, innovative styling that precedes her, Lulu has taken her personal knowledge of the unique benefits of steam, organic hair care, and aromatherapy to the next level, packaging it in such a way that now benefits those outside her regular celebrity clientele. At I Love Lulu, a one-of-a-kind “hair spa,” haute couture meets herbal — for the hair, and relaxation is the name of the game… along with scalp exfoliation, deep conditioning, and damaged-hair repair.

All persons — including those with perms, relaxers, weaves, wigs, natural hair, no hair, and children — benefit from her specialty services and treatments, as all are subject to dryness and brittleness, unhealthy build-up, odor, dandruff, broken tresses, and sometimes even more severe hair and scalp afflictions. But upon slightly shifting her focus and determining that the scalp should be priority, Lulu was able to effect for her clients dramatically-increased blood flow and the subsequent elimination of virtually all “styling side-effects,” as she calls them; the result was the full, uninterrupted stimulation of the hair follicles, leading to the natural, unhindered hair-growth that so many long for but fail to achieve.

In conjunction with regularly-scheduled salon visits (part of a customized “treatment package” feature, allowing each client’s needs to be individually diagnosed and serviced), Lulu offers patrons the means to maintain their healthy results until their next appointment. The I Love Lulu product line is an exclusive, exquisite array of all-natural and organic shampoo, conditioner, and treatment offerings, designed to bring Lulu’s healing hands to her clients’ homes and continue their creator’s legacy of healthy-hair promotion and advocacy. “We all know beauty is meant to be more than skin-deep,” she says, “but when it comes to our hair, that’s actually where we need to start: at the skin, the surface. It all begins with the scalp, which is the life-line …when it’s clean and clear, the hair has a fighting chance to be long and strong.”