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I Love Lulu Featured As One Of TGIN “Top Ten Los Angeles Natural Hair Salons and Stylists”


Between the beaches, Runyon Canyon, and plenty of outdoor activities year round, it is imperative for the natural hair diva on the go, to have a go to salon that specializes in natural hair care. After all, this is LA and appearance is everything! Here are our top ten natural hair salons in LA.

1.  I Love Lulu


With a salon menu with treatments such as, Don’t hate exfoliate, scalp exfoliation treatment, and DeToxic, detoxifying treatment, you absolutely can not go wrong. These ladies aren’t just creative with their words, but also extremely creative and talented hair stylist as well. In addition to their cleansing treatments they also offer cutting and styling options for their clients. Lulu’s was featured in LA’s Afrolicious Natural hair event, and they are constantly educating and informing their clients and their community on the benefits of natural hair care. This is a salon you want to visit. The ladies at Lulu’s make appointment setting easy and effortless with appointment booking online.

Contact and Location:

733 s LaBrea Ave, Los Angeles California, 90036



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Co-Washing: What’s All The Fuss?

The co-washing technique has become a regular part of the routine of many healthy-hair enthusiasts. However, the trend can be somewhat confusing, if you’re not fully aware of all it entails.

For those who aren’t familiar, “co-washing” is an abbreviation for conditioner washing, and with this method, you substitute conditioner for shampoo as a cleanser for your hair. Most women utilize co-washing to increase the number of days between shampoos, which is understandable, since for a lot of us, wash days can require some serious mental preparation. Others, though, use co-washing as a substitute for shampooing altogether . . . seriously bad idea.

Here’s why. Just like the rest of your body, your scalp must be cleaned. Co-washing only is sort of like removing your makeup, but then neglecting to actually wash your face with water, or some type of cleanser. Good job getting rid of the visible gunk . . . but what about the stuff that’s no-doubt seeped beneath the surface?

The good news is that eliminating co-washing altogether isn’t necessary. There happen to be a few quality, silicone-free products out there that provide hair the moisture it needs — that it absolutely requires — between washes. But just to be clear, solely co-washing your hair means you’re actually neglecting to ever clean your scalp, and that’s just downright unhealthy!

Due to hair and scalp buildup, the pores of your scalp inevitably become clogged. As a result, hair follicles — and the delicate hair within them, trying to grow out — are unable to thrive.

Now, lots of co-washes may claim they’re “cleansers,” or intended for “cleansing,” but 95% of them lack the beneficial properties and ingredients good shampoos do — ingredients able to actually penetrate pores and remove everything that doesn’t belong there. In order to achieve a truly thorough cleanse, then, you need to wash your hair with a water-soluble product — which most co-washes simply are not.

Now, when it comes to top-grade shampoos, thankfully, there are some really great ones out there these days, ones that adequately clean both hair and scalp, while also preserving the integrity of the hair. And in case you’re wondering, How often should I actually shampoo?, the answer is every one to two weeks, depending on your level of physical activity. For those of you with extremely oily hair, however, co-washing is actually not a healthy option at all and should be eliminated from your regimen entirely.

To give you a good idea of what a healthy hair routine actually looks like, Lulu (who, personally, doesn’t subscribe co-washing at all) shares her daily and weekly regimens:


  • No co-washing; use conditioner on curls only, avoiding the scalp
  • Wet hair daily, letting water beat onto it for about five minutes
  • Add I Love Lulu Conditioner and detangle hair with fingers. Leave a bit of conditioner in, adding a splash of water to give slip
  • Scrunch curls in shower and let drip-dry (Never use a towel for this, by the way!)
  • On occasion, apply a finishing gel like Shelly Jelly, Fro’zen , or Fro’zen Yogurt for a more defined curl


  • Shampoo once a week with I Love LuLu Shampoo
  • Detangle with conditioner, using shampoo-brush.  Be sure to start at the ends and comb up to the roots
  • Rinse out conditioner completely, then reapply a little for styling
  • Steam hair at least once every two weeks. This is the best method for maximizing moisture and retaining hair’s strength. I Love Lulu Hair Spa is one of the country’s premium salon-spas offering steaming services.
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New Year, New Hair: I Love Lulu Review

I’ve been looking for a new salon for quite some time now. I want to give the extensions a rest and let my hair breathe a bit. Early February I stumbled across I love Lulu Hair Spa. A hair salon focused not only on keeping those lovely tresses of yours healthy but also catering to your scalp and using all natural and organic products.
Upon arrival I was given a consultation, I knew I wanted a treatment but wasn’t sure of which kind and the lovely stylist recommended the Spoiled treatment which is basically a mix of herbs and organic oils. I sat under the steamer for 30 mins and then it was time for the wash. Now this is the moment that changed my life…I personally received the most beautiful scalp massage that I’ve ever had in my life!! Never have I been so tempted to fall asleep at the shampoo bowl! Following that of course was the blow dry and surprisingly it didn’t hurt one bit (I have the world’s most tender head!!) We finished with the flat-iron and trim and I must say that I am one very happy girl. My hair is flowy, full of life and everything I was hoping it would be.
The stylist was surprised to know that I hadn’t trimmed my hair in over a year. She asked what I did to keep it healthy and honestly water, healthy eating habits and minimal product use was the key. However, recently I began taking these Toji Pure Density Vitamins. Though I’ve only been taking them for a bit over a month I can already see a difference in the strength and growth of my nails and the amount of energy that I have. What I love the most about these vitamins is that they are also natural! My intentions are to continue taking them for the upcoming five months and hopefully we’ll see some results.
This is my day two hair at about 3am…don’t ask why I was up (lol)…I spent all of Friday trying to knock the curls out so I could achieve this look! Completely obsessed with my new hair situation!!
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Nov-Natural Hair Month: Milk & Honey Features I Love Lulu

Finding a good Afro hair stylist, let alone a salon is a myth for many of us. So I was delighted to have discovered I Love Lulu Hair Spa; set in the heart of Los Angeles on Le Brea Avenue.

If like me you are new on your afro hair journey, you’ll be delighted to learn of this salon and even more excited to know that Founder, Lulu will be answering your questions in 2015 about your tresses here on Milk & Honey.


Now many of us are figuring out what works best for our hair, home experiments and trailing through Youtube videos trying as many forms of Caster, Argan, Tea Tree and Coconut oils as we can get through. So it’s refreshing to find a salon specifically tailored to natural hair and further more know whats’ what!


From the offset you can see everything this salon embodies is about healthy life choices; healthy hair, organic products and educated stylists. The salon by far has the most innovative interior design I’ve ever encountered – I felt like I was at a hair theme park! From their edgy steamers, a mini lab for organic hair products to the full body basins; everything about this place screams right at you, “We care about your hair”.

Upon arrival you fill in a consultation form asking a series of questions about your hair. You’ll navigate though your hairs condition with a stylist and figure out what is best needed for your hair. Remember everyones hair, texture and journey is different, and the I Love Lulu team take this into account during your consultation process.


Spoiled Treatment (Pictured Above)

So first up I got Spoiled, a treatment that includes organic oils infused with 7 herbs. The treatment was applied with a little tube all over my scalp! Which makes sense as it gets all the necessary spots. I was taken over to the steamer where the treatment was set to kick in. I was here for thirty mins.


30 minutes were up and it was time to wash out the treatment on these uber cool booths, similar to caterpillars its literally like lying down and getting your hair washed. Got me feeling like a big kid at a hair theme park!

After two washes my stylist used a shampoo brush to go through any areas left over and it was onto the next phase!


Next up it was time to blow dry and then get my first and much needed trim – what they call a Snip Snip costing  just $25! Yikes! I actually did THE BIG CHOP back in February 2013 to a number 2 – Lupita style, so this would be the first time my hair would be cut professionally and also the first time I’d see the length. I couldn’t wait!

It’s always refreshing when you’re in a salon where you feel that you can entirely trust the stylist with your hair! I for one am indeed a salon snob – so love feeling like I’m getting 5* treatment from start to finish! I like to think I know my stuff and if visiting somewhere for the first time often come kitted out with my own products and combs just in case!

None the less, none of that was needed here. My hair was straightened by Lulu herself (Straight aHead Service) and pictured below is the finish.

I honestly loved my entire experience at the I Love Lulu Hair Spa. The prices are so reasonable , and for the service you’re getting and you can leave resting assured you won’t have any bald patches, scabs from a straighter burns or even heat damage.


A 5* star experience all round! We are even more delighted to have Lulu contributing on the team and answering all your questions about good healthy afro hair! Watch this space!

Visit now to see I Love Lulu extensive list of services at their best!

Via Milk & Honey

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Natural Hair Care News I Love Lulu In-Salon Review

It’s always tough when you give someone a recommendation based on a third-party referral.  I’d heard great things about I Love Lulu from my friend Lee. I’ve had my eye on this “growing green hair spa” for a while now with every intention of utilizing their services.  So when I got the call from my girl Elisa who was helping a friend find a new salon home, that catered to natural hair, for her five year old daughter Maleigha, I took a chance and recommended I Love Lulu.  I’m happy to say there are now two very satisfied customers.

Here’s what mom had to say about their experience:

“My 5 year old daughter Maleigha and I went to I love lulu for the first time this past weekend. They were very friendly on the phone and answered all my questions. The place itself is adorable. Love the way they decorated it. They have quotes painted on the wall that are inspiring and cool. The feel of the salon is terrific. Brittany did Maleigha’s hair and she was wonderful. Great with Maleigha making her feel comfortable and answering all her many questions. Maleigha loved it! When Brittany was putting the product on her hair (they have their own all natural product line) Maleigha said ‘ oh, I like that!! That smells good!’  You pick from an al la carte menu the services you want. She gave Maleigha a great haircut and condition. I want to try their products next time we go. I think we found a new home here!! We will certainly be back and highly recommend them. We love lulu!!”


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I Love Lulu’s “Shelly Jelly” Mentioned On

Thanks to professional make-up artist, Drini for giving I Love Lulu’s “Shelly Jelly” a shout-out on Black Girl With Long Hair!

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I generally wash my hair every 3-4 days. When I do, I wash with TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. While my hair is still wet I apply coconut oil directly to my scalp and scrunch my curls using “Shelly Jelly” which is a lightweight jam in a pump that is extremely moisturizing and preserves curl definition. I have tried nearly every product for curly hair and this is the first product that doesn’t weigh my curls down and keeps them soft and manageable. It is exclusively sold at I Love LuLu Hairspa in Los Angeles. Call for details, your curls will LOVE you!! (I Love LuLu Hair Spa 323-934-5727).


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Curls Understood Features I Love Lulu

I Love Lulu Hair Spa is a natural hair salon in Los Angeles, California that specializes in organic hair care with a focus on scalp health.

Lulu has taken her personal knowledge of the unique benefits of steam, organic hair care, and aromatherapy to the next level, packaging it in such a way that now benefits those outside her regular celebrity clientele. At I Love Lulu, a one-of-a-kind “hair spa,” haute couture meets herbal — for the hair, and relaxation is the name of the game… along with scalp exfoliation, deep conditioning, and damaged-hair repair.

All persons — including those with perms, relaxers, weaves, wigs, natural hair, no hair, and children — benefit from her specialty services and treatments, as all are subject to dryness and brittleness, unhealthy build-up, odor, dandruff, broken tresses, and sometimes even more severe hair and scalp afflictions. But upon slightly shifting her focus and determining that the scalp should be priority, Lulu was able to effect for her clients dramatically-increased blood flow and the subsequent elimination of virtually all “styling side-effects,” as she calls them; the result was the full, uninterrupted stimulation of the hair follicles, leading to the natural, unhindered hair-growth that so many long for but fail to achieve.

Organic hair care philosophy with a focus on scalp health

I Love Lulu Hair Spa
733 S. LaBrea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 934-5727

Tuesday – Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday – Monday: Closed

Via Curls Understood

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Tam Thyme In-Salon Review

This is my first time trying out a new hair salon since forever! Most of the time my hair stylists have moved, closed down, or just fall off the map – not forgetting to mention that I usually went to the hair salon once a year before 2010, so I couldn’t say I really kept in touch. I chose to tryout ‘I love Lulu’ Hair Salon for several reasons. One, it seemed green and organic friendly! I hate cringing when I see what a hair stylist is about to put on my hair – something usually loaded with preservatives and chemicals, but usually I am very passive and convince myself that this is only a one time thing. So it was nice to walk into a salon where I was assured that most of the products used were organic and/or natural. Two, I really really really wanted to try steaming my hair!!! I equate my dry hair with the need for moisture and I thought steaming would be the best remedy for that!

The environment of the salon is very nice, clean, and fresh. There is sort of a reception area and the back is set up with multiple steamers, wash basins, and styling chairs. I also liked how the washing counters were set up so that the person getting his/her hair washed could lay down. The receptionist/girl who works at the front was very nice and talkative and made you feel instantly comfortable.


I love Lulu hair spa (inside)

I had the chance to meet Lulu and we had a mini consultation before my wash, blow dry, and trim. She was very knowledgeable and the first hair stylist I met who was tender headed too! So she understood my pain and was not rough when blow drying my hair. I also liked how she asked about my ‘hair story’ because everyone has one and it is so important to understanding what you want done to your hair.

The whole process took about 1.5hrs. First I got a ‘Spoiled’ Treatment which was organic oils infused with 7 herbs. Then a steam treatment right after that for about 30 minutes. After that I got a thorough  shampoo and condition. Then I was blowdried out and trimmed.

The only con I have to say about the whole process was that the shampooing was a little rough for me even though I am tender headed and have a high tolerance for pain. It might of been because my hair was tangled or that I had to have my hair washed three times to get the oil out (that has happened to me in the past when I have done hot oil treatments on myself).

I liked the technique Lulu used to blow dry my hair. First of all she didn’t use a comb attachment  so I was already happy about that since that can literally shred your hair on top of having more direct heat on the hair shaft. Second, she didn’t concentrate the heat directly on the hair while blow drying it and combing it out, keeping the blow dryer at about a 6in distance.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience and the speediness of it as well (I was still able to get to work on time with a 9am appointment). I highly recommend to at least try it out!

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For The Love Of Curls Reviews I Love Lulu

Shelly, her sister and Lulu, the owner
I Love Lulu is a green hair spa in Los Angeles, CA which I had the pleasure of patronizing last Friday evening. I Love Lulu services all hair types with all natural hair treatments such as scalp massages, scalp exfoliation and detoxification, hair steaming, cuts and styling. They do offer color but not relaxers.
I made an appointment with a fellow curly girl not knowing what to expect as I have never been to a “hair spa”. I knew I wanted a steam treatment which comes with all services but I was debating on a trim because I am not too keen on just letting anyone near my hair with shears.
When we arrived for our appointment we were greeted by Lulu herself along with her sister, Shelly who is the receptionist. After Lulu explained the services we both decided on the Spoiled organic oil treatment, a 5 minute massage and a trim. Once Lulu explained how she would do the trim I decided to trust her cutting skills and went ahead with the trim.
Neither of us added a finishing style because Tiffany touched up her original cut and did not need it. I was a little confused about how their finishing services worked so I just left with washed, steamed and treated hair which was fine as I am a wash n’ go type of girl anyway.
From the greeting to the massage to the trim the I Love Lulu staff was nothing but pleasant. It is definitely a one-of-a kind experience that I would recommend to anyone. Even though it is a spa their prices are reasonable and they go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.
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Why Wednesday: How Long Does It Take To Transition From Relaxer to Natural?

On this episode of I LOVE LULU WHY WEDNESDAY, Lulu sheds light on how long it takes to transition from a relaxer to your natural hair texture.

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