Shelly, her sister and Lulu, the owner
I Love Lulu is a green hair spa in Los Angeles, CA which I had the pleasure of patronizing last Friday evening. I Love Lulu services all hair types with all natural hair treatments such as scalp massages, scalp exfoliation and detoxification, hair steaming, cuts and styling. They do offer color but not relaxers.
I made an appointment with a fellow curly girl not knowing what to expect as I have never been to a “hair spa”. I knew I wanted a steam treatment which comes with all services but I was debating on a trim because I am not too keen on just letting anyone near my hair with shears.
When we arrived for our appointment we were greeted by Lulu herself along with her sister, Shelly who is the receptionist. After Lulu explained the services we both decided on the Spoiled organic oil treatment, a 5 minute massage and a trim. Once Lulu explained how she would do the trim I decided to trust her cutting skills and went ahead with the trim.
Neither of us added a finishing style because Tiffany touched up her original cut and did not need it. I was a little confused about how their finishing services worked so I just left with washed, steamed and treated hair which was fine as I am a wash n’ go type of girl anyway.
From the greeting to the massage to the trim the I Love Lulu staff was nothing but pleasant. It is definitely a one-of-a kind experience that I would recommend to anyone. Even though it is a spa their prices are reasonable and they go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.