I’ve been looking for a new salon for quite some time now. I want to give the extensions a rest and let my hair breathe a bit. Early February I stumbled across I love Lulu Hair Spa. A hair salon focused not only on keeping those lovely tresses of yours healthy but also catering to your scalp and using all natural and organic products.
Upon arrival I was given a consultation, I knew I wanted a treatment but wasn’t sure of which kind and the lovely stylist recommended the Spoiled treatment which is basically a mix of herbs and organic oils. I sat under the steamer for 30 mins and then it was time for the wash. Now this is the moment that changed my life…I personally received the most beautiful scalp massage that I’ve ever had in my life!! Never have I been so tempted to fall asleep at the shampoo bowl! Following that of course was the blow dry and surprisingly it didn’t hurt one bit (I have the world’s most tender head!!) We finished with the flat-iron and trim and I must say that I am one very happy girl. My hair is flowy, full of life and everything I was hoping it would be.
The stylist was surprised to know that I hadn’t trimmed my hair in over a year. She asked what I did to keep it healthy and honestly water, healthy eating habits and minimal product use was the key. However, recently I began taking these Toji Pure Density Vitamins. Though I’ve only been taking them for a bit over a month I can already see a difference in the strength and growth of my nails and the amount of energy that I have. What I love the most about these vitamins is that they are also natural! My intentions are to continue taking them for the upcoming five months and hopefully we’ll see some results.
This is my day two hair at about 3am…don’t ask why I was up (lol)…I spent all of Friday trying to knock the curls out so I could achieve this look! Completely obsessed with my new hair situation!!