This is my first time trying out a new hair salon since forever! Most of the time my hair stylists have moved, closed down, or just fall off the map – not forgetting to mention that I usually went to the hair salon once a year before 2010, so I couldn’t say I really kept in touch. I chose to tryout ‘I love Lulu’ Hair Salon for several reasons. One, it seemed green and organic friendly! I hate cringing when I see what a hair stylist is about to put on my hair – something usually loaded with preservatives and chemicals, but usually I am very passive and convince myself that this is only a one time thing. So it was nice to walk into a salon where I was assured that most of the products used were organic and/or natural. Two, I really really really wanted to try steaming my hair!!! I equate my dry hair with the need for moisture and I thought steaming would be the best remedy for that!

The environment of the salon is very nice, clean, and fresh. There is sort of a reception area and the back is set up with multiple steamers, wash basins, and styling chairs. I also liked how the washing counters were set up so that the person getting his/her hair washed could lay down. The receptionist/girl who works at the front was very nice and talkative and made you feel instantly comfortable.


I love Lulu hair spa (inside)

I had the chance to meet Lulu and we had a mini consultation before my wash, blow dry, and trim. She was very knowledgeable and the first hair stylist I met who was tender headed too! So she understood my pain and was not rough when blow drying my hair. I also liked how she asked about my ‘hair story’ because everyone has one and it is so important to understanding what you want done to your hair.

The whole process took about 1.5hrs. First I got a ‘Spoiled’ Treatment which was organic oils infused with 7 herbs. Then a steam treatment right after that for about 30 minutes. After that I got a thorough  shampoo and condition. Then I was blowdried out and trimmed.

The only con I have to say about the whole process was that the shampooing was a little rough for me even though I am tender headed and have a high tolerance for pain. It might of been because my hair was tangled or that I had to have my hair washed three times to get the oil out (that has happened to me in the past when I have done hot oil treatments on myself).

I liked the technique Lulu used to blow dry my hair. First of all she didn’t use a comb attachment  so I was already happy about that since that can literally shred your hair on top of having more direct heat on the hair shaft. Second, she didn’t concentrate the heat directly on the hair while blow drying it and combing it out, keeping the blow dryer at about a 6in distance.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience and the speediness of it as well (I was still able to get to work on time with a 9am appointment). I highly recommend to at least try it out!